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MBS Foundations in Leadership Campaign

In January of 2008, the Trustees of The Missouri Boys State Memorial Trust announced the MBS Foundations in Leadership Campaign.  The campaign, which is boosted by an anonymous $250,000 matching grant, seeks to add $1,000,000 to its restricted and unrestricted funds in the next two years, for the following purposes:

  • To build the Trust's unrestricted funds which will secure the future of Missouri Boys State.  Except for emergency and unanticipated needs, unrestricted fund income is added to the Trust's corpus each year.  Currently, only forty percent (40%) of Missouri Boys State's annual revenues come from American Legion sponsorships.  This valuable resource is dwindling.  We must continue to build the Trust's unrestricted funds to ensure the financial viability of this outstanding program. Our long term goal is to grow the Trust's unrestricted funds to the level that will ensure the Missouri Boys State program continues for the next seventy years and beyond.

  • To build the principal of The George Lehr Memorial Speakers Chair.  Interest income from the Lehr Chair Fund within the Trust is used to develop high quality programs during the week of Boys State and to defray the costs of a nationally known speaker to interact with Boys State participants.  Former Missouri State Auditor George Lehr attended Missouri Boys State in 1954.  He was a frequent speaker and great supporter of Missouri Boys State until his death in 1988.  The Lehr Chair was endowed by his family and friends who wanted to honor this great man's contribution to the youth of Missouri.
  • To provide adequate funding for the Directors Sponsorship Fund.  Income from this restricted fund will be used to specifically support sponsorships for students in areas where American Legion sponsorship support has diminished.  The MBS Board of Directors is dedicated to making sure that all eligible students are able to participate regardless of school size or location. This fund also supports inner city sponsorships to ensure minority populations are provided funding for enrollment and transportation fees.  Identifying new sponsoring organizations to enable inner city students to participate in the Boys State program has always been a challenge.  The Boys State Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the diversity of our participants.
  • To expand the Missouri Boys State Scholarship Fund to provide college scholarships based on academics, citizenship, leadership, and need.  Currently, the Fund awards one $1,000 scholarship per year to the "Citizen of the Week" renewable for four years and two $1,500 staff scholarships per session.  Boys State attracts some of Missouri's brightest students.  College tuition and related expenses, without significant financial assistance, are beyond the reach of many.  We want to help as many young men as possible attend the college of their choice.


            Because your gift is so important to the future of Missouri Boys State, we want to appropriately recognize your contribution.  Therefore, we have established the following membership levels:

$25,000+     Senators' Club
$15,000 - $24,999   Governor's Club
$10,000 - $14,999      Legislators' Club
$5,000 - $9,999      Mayors' Club
Under $5,000       Citizens' Club

We realize that, at times, the nature of a particular gift requires unique recognition.  The Missouri Boys State Memorial Trust will be pleased to work with any donor to meet these needs.  The Trust also offers a select few naming opportunities for our most generous donors.  Details of these naming opportunities are open for discussion upon request.

All donors will receive recognition in the Missouri Boys State “Week to Shape A Lifetime” booklet, the donor’s section of www.mbstrust.org and other program publications. 

Donors who merit membership in the Senators, Governors, Legislators, and Mayors Club will be invited to select special events at future sessions of Missouri Boys State.  All donors are welcome to visit the Missouri Boys State program to personally witness the impact of their generosity.


Current gifts may be made to The Missouri Boys State Memorial Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, or pledged over as long as a five-year payment period for contributions totaling $2,500 or more.  Non-cash gifts will be handled on a case by case basis.


Missouri Boys State Memorial Trust
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